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MatangiMatangi is the new project located in Oriental Coast which is 30 mins from Marsa Allam airport and 100 min from Hurghada airport. Oriental Coast has 7 Km long beach, with various water and beach activities “ Kitesurfing, Diving,…etc”. Oriental Coast has 18 holes golf course and stable. There are also many various activities “ Sand boarding, Paint ball, Beach Buggy course, Open Theater,…etc” Oriental Cost has an international Marina and international Aqua Park



Matangi consists of:

1- Access points – Matangi has three gates; the main gate in the center serving the owners, and two gates for outsiders and services. 2- Residential buildings – Matangi is built up on levels, so that most of units can have sea- view. – There are 2 types of residential buildings each of them contains different apartments of various areas according to the needs of our clients. – Some of the apartments, in addition to a limited number of twin villas, have private gardens, even the apartments in the 1st and 2nd floors. 3- Parking areas – There are different parking areas distributed all over the project to suffice the residents and outsiders of each zone. Taking into consideration the need and requirements of the handy-capped. – Matangi was designed also to have special bikes lanes and its parking areas.

4-Green areas – Matangi has green areas distributed all over the project (Between the buildings, near the outdoor activity area, among the streets, near the sitting areas, fire place area, …… etc. ) 5- Beach area – All Matangi residents can easily access the beach – The beach area was designed to have shaded areas distributed along the shore for relaxation. – The Mangrove area found on the beach is considered to be a point of attraction. – The activity area allows the users to practice different beach sports like hand ball, volley ball, …. etc. – It was also taken into consideration to access OC yachting club “yachting, boats stores and parking”. – Users will enjoy Book reading and listening music.


6- Restaurant – The restaurant located near the swimming pool, beach and the outdoor activity area to serve them. – The restaurant has indoor, outdoor and roof seating areas. – Matangi offers 2 classy restaurants (BBQ, international…etc).

7- Swimming pool (Infinity pool) – The pool is designed to be an infinity pool with floating pergolas and a bar. – There will be a massage area. 8- Activity areas – There are many activity areas that can be found in the project such as: a- Fire place sitting areas b- Parties and BBQ. area c- Sports courts for tennis, volley ball, mini football, …. etc. d- Gym and spa e- Gathering points which is served by cafeteria f- Outdoor Cinema g- Meeting Point Matangi is thought to be one of a kind compared with similar. As it heads for a new trend of urbanism that targets a certain segment of the society with specific qualities and characteristics “ Class A “. Matangi is a branded and themed community which is lonesome by own some. Matangi targets well paid middle-aged youth, who has a luxurious lifestyle. Offering them lavish modern finishing, architecture apartments and services.

The View


Exploiting the site and project’s location, the architectural concept and flawless design ensure that most of units has an equal exquisite sea view and a direct access as well.


Facilities and Services

Swimming Pool • Meeting Points • Gathering Pont • Night Activities “ Night Club, Fire Camp, Outdoor Cinema” • Animation team ; organizing entertainment competitions “Beauty, Sports…” • Private parties organizing support. • Yachting service provider “ Yachting, Yacht Parking • and maintenance”

Matangi Newsletter • Matangi hospitality for your guests with complete • facilities, services and activities • Horse riding and horse housing “ OC Stable “
• Available stores for beach buggies, Club car • Access to the Golf Course • Beach • Beach Activities • Outdoor Gym • Restaurant• Matangi Boutique; your Matangi Brand products

Tour Leading “OC Office” • Gym & Spa • Beauty Center • First Aid • Fire alarm system &Fire fighting system • A/C • Wi-Fi • Parking • Central Antenna • Availability of complete hotel services • Furnishing support and advice • Matangi mobile App. To interact with Matangi’s services and facilities



Residential Buildings Type “A”- 6 Units – Twin Villas  – 3 Bedrooms

Matangi-Oriental-Coast-Twin Villas - 3 Bedrooms

Residential Buildings Type “A”- 6 Units – Twin Villas  – 3 Bedrooms plan

Matangi-Oriental-Coast-Twin Villas - 3 Bedrooms-plan

Residential Buildings Type “B1”- 7 Buildings – 2 Floors 70 Apartments – 10 Apartments / Building

Matangi-Oriental-Coast-type-B1- apartmentsResidential Buildings Type “B1”- 7 Buildings – 2 Floors 70 Apartments – 10 Apartments / Building  Plans:

Ground Floor: 1 Studio, 3 Apartments 1 Bedroom, 1 Apartment 2 Bedrooms, 1 Apartment 3 Bedrooms ( Duplex )


First Floor: 1 Studio, 2 Apartments 1 Bedroom, 1 Apartment 3 Bedrooms ( Duplex )



 Residential Buildings Type “B2”,  26 buildings – 3 Floors,  390 Apartments, 15 Apartments / Building



Ground Floor: 1 Studio, 3 Apartments 1 Bedroom, 2 Apartments 2 Bedrooms


First Floor: 1 Studio, 2 Apartments 1 Bedroom, 1 Apartments 2 Bedrooms, 1 Apartments 3 Bedrooms.


Second Floor: 1 Studio, 2 Apartments 1 Bedroom, 1 Apartments 3 Bedrooms (duplex)

Matangi property for sale Oriental Coast Marsa Alam Egypt

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